…A Gracious and Respectful Welcome to Everyone, Every Time
Minerva's is emerging from "Covid-caution:" 

As we are working with "GoFundMe" to develop a new venue to fully re-open,

we will be hosting TWO Special SPRING 2024 Workshops on LBI

A WRITERS' Retreat May 3-5, 2024

A Women's Renewal Weekend June 7-9, 2024

We continue to partner with Barnegat Light's White Whale Motel for special events, while we are working to build a new venue in Barnegat Light, which will support us in a greater number of strategies for "social distancing."

And even more exciting, Minerva's has repositioned as a non-profit, so that any contributions you make to our re-awakening can be tax-deductible.  Ask us about our crowd-funding campaign to help us be even more intentional about our long-held goal to say special thank-yous to those who do our nation's under-rewarded "community work" e.g., first-responders, special-ed teachers, medical-service personnel, delivery drivers, and folks such as that special teenage guest who cut her long hair to donate to cancer-survivors.

Check it out!     < https://gofund.me/b1ca5afa>!

Welcome to

Minerva's by the Sea

Welcoming diverse people and fresh ideas
to a healthy breakfast 
since 2008!!

Looking for unique, family-friendly Jersey shore lodging that is neither a hotel nor a motel? Minerva's by the Sea is one of only two New Jersey bed and breakfasts at the north end of Long Beach Island (LBI). When we reopen, we will again be open all year!

A sleek, modern venue with uncluttered lines, eco-friendliness, squeaky-cleanliness, and an eclectic, tantalizing library, Minerva's Bed & Breakfast's informal and whimsical venue has been offering guest-centered hospitality since 2008 (with a three-year Covid Hiatus!). Watch for us to invite you to return to enjoy Long Beach Island on the Jersey shore and all the great food you'd expect at a bed & breakfast place. 

So, if you are looking to get away on the New Jersey Shore, then come down to Minerva's on Long Beach Island, NJ and experience the luxuries of our bed and breakfast!

Going Green
Minerva's Bed & Breakfast

Start Your Day Right with

Minerva’s Gourmet Breakfast

At breakfast--(which is geared to respond to your dietary needs, e.g., gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, etc.) --you can spark up a conversation with the staff and/or Minerva's other guests about things that matter to you. That's the beauty of a stay at our New Jersey shore bed and breakfast! 

What We Offer


Our Location
Coming Soon to a new Venue...