…A Gracious and Respectful Welcome to Everyone, Every Time
COVID-19  VIRUS ALERT as of 8/1/21: 

Who could have imagined that our world would STILL remain under such a cloud at this time?

     In an abundance of caution, given the persistence of the coronavirus, Minerva's is not planning to open in summer 2021, though we will be hosting Four Fall-Special Workshops on LBI in October and November.

Though we are no longer on Seventh Street, and we are working on relocating to a new venue in Barnegat Light, which will support  us in a greater number of strategies for "social distancing," and other strategies to keep our guests and staff safe. We believe this is going to work out fine... but not quite yet.

In the meantime, if you would like to be added to our mailing list, so you'll get the latest updates, feel free send us an email,  with your contact information to: MinervasBandB@gmail.com
           If you'd like a call-back from us, leave us your name and phone number. Meanwhile, take care of yourself, take advantage of the vaccines and/or wear your face-covering to protect your kids, your friends--and yourself!
Soon, LBI,  Ol' Barney, and Minerva's by the Sea will welcome all of us back again.

Our Promise

Welcome to

Minerva's by the Sea

Welcoming diverse people and fresh ideas
to a healthy breakfast 
since 2008!!

Looking for unique, family-friendly Jersey shore lodging that is neither a hotel nor a motel? Minerva's by the Sea is one of only two New Jersey bed and breakfasts at the north end of Long Beach Island (LBI). When we reopen, we will again be open all year!

A sleek, modern venue with uncluttered lines, squeaky-cleanliness, and   an eclectic, tantalizing library, Minerva's Bed & Breakfast's informal and whimsical decor offers guest-centered hospitality.

So, if you are looking to get away on the New Jersey Shore, then come down to Minerva's on Long Beach Island, NJ and experience the luxuries of our bed and breakfast!

Going Green
Minerva's Bed & Breakfast

Start Your Day Right with

Minerva’s Gourmet Breakfast

At breakfast--(which is geared to respond to your dietary needs, e.g., gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, etc.)--you can spark up a conversation with the staff and/or Minerva's other guests about things that matter to you. That's the beauty of a stay at our New Jersey shore bed and breakfast!

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Coming Soon to a new Venue...