Places to See and Things to Do:

There's always something going on LBI, which is not only one of the busiest fishing ports in the United States, but also a favorite haunt for the nation's artists and writers. Check out a few leads here, and then branch out from there.

  • The Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce is the best place to get an overview of the region, including neat museums like the Tuckerton Seaport Museum!

  • ...Then, going north toward Barnegat Light, you'll pass renowned Black Eyed Susans restaurant in the town of Harvey Cedars, which features high-quality, locally-sourced, elegantly-presented fare. Continuing north, you'll enounter the the Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts in Loveladies, which has ongoing classes, workshops, and lectures focused on the resources and health of the ocean and bay.

  • ...And in Barnegat Light, Viking Village, at 20th and Bayside, runs a fisheries tour every Friday morning.

  • ...Then eat lunch at Off the Hook, for delicious fresh seafood in Barnegat Light.

  • Kubel's restaurant and bar, right on the corner between Minerva's and the bay, knows what to do with the local seafood, and besides they are open all year!!! They do wonderful "comfort-food" desserts, great chili, and a luscious rich unique concoction called a "crab pie." Friendly local-folks' hang-out and good food make this a lovely stop (and you can stroll home to MInerva's after that glass of wine.)
  • (Kubel's also features my all-time-favorite lunch--the "tuna burritto". It's such a lovely combination of local fresh seared tuna and Mexican tradition that I'm not even going to describe it. You just have to try it!
  • ...Also check out Wildflowers by the Lighthouse, at 410 Broadway, just a block from the entrance to the lighthouse park. Owned and operated by Cricket Luker, Wildflowers and Wildflowers, Too are amongLBI's most professional and beloved full-service art galleries (framing, workshops, and an array of crafts and gifts to suit many tastes and budgets ). Some of Wildflowers' paintings can also be viewed and purchased at Minerva's. Be sure to visit the Wildflowers duo during your visit to Minerva's!

  • ...and as of summer 2014, LBI has a new, sleek, modern publication featuring LBI lifestyles. Check out Bay Magazine  or pick up a copy at various businesses on LBI!

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